Publishing Services

Webb Publishing provides a complete range of book publishing services to self-publishing authors. We can then sell your books at Direct From The, our bookstore for self-publishing authors.

Webb Publishing is happy to manage your project or assist with any of the following elements:

  • webb-publishing-bookstackediting
  • book layout
  • cover design
  • printing and binding
  • marketing materials
  • online-sales

On the pages of Webb, we hope you will find everything you need to know about self-publishing (independent publishing). Please visit our self-publishing pages using the menu on the right. It is filled with answers to your questions about the self-publishing process and we are happy to receive your enquiries about our services. Contact Webb Publishing today.

Direct From The – sign up for free and start driving traffic to your own online bookstore today.

Webb Publishing has developed a sales venue through which self-publishing authors can sell their books. Having nowhere to sell their books is one of the central problems facing independent authors, but Direct From The solves that problem in a very low cost manner.

This is a new approach to book distribution and sales. We believe that while authors aren’t typically enthusiastic about pitching their books to the buying public, most are comfortable packaging up books and shipping them to predetermined addresses. There is no listing fee. Simply direct your marketing efforts toward selling your book at Direct From The, and we will handle the administration and processing, and inform you where to ship your order. When you sell a book, we receive a sliding scale commission, and you receive a cheque or etransfer from us. Selling self-published books is now easy to do!

Feel free to contact us for more information about Webb Publishing and Direct From The

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