webb-publishing-bookstackWebb Publishing provides a complete range of book publishing services to self-publishing authors in Canada and worldwide. Webb Publishing will manage your project through to publication or can assist with any of the following steps:

  • editing
  • book layout
  • cover design
  • printing and binding
  • distribution and marketing

We invite you to contact us if you have questions about the self-publishing process.

With 80 projects under our belt, we are now transitioning to assisting authors to sell books. If you are already published and ready to sell your books, please visit Direct From The Author. This simple new book-selling system enables self-publishing authors to sell their books directly to customers worldwide. The biggest difference between this system and the ‘biggies’? The author takes home the bulk of the revenue and maintains control over their product and pricing. The customer receives the book ‘direct from the author’.

Authors, even when you list a book on Amazon or other websites, your must still do all of the marketing work. Why not invite your potential customers to purchase Direct From The Author? There is no cost to set up and use the system tools. When books sell, DFTA retains 20% and you receive 80%. Please visit Direct From The Author for details.

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Dave Holland. Tide Changes: A True West Coast Fishing AdventureWebb Publishing author Dave Holland has successfully launched his book, Tide Changes: A True West Coast Fishing Adventure. It is the tale of a young man’s immersion into the fishing industry and his passion for west coast living. It is available for purchase directly from the author. Check out his website, tidechanges.ca, for more information.  It’s a great read, straight from the heart.