Webb Publishing assists authors with editing, design, printing & publishing.

“Webb Publishing took the mystery out of self-publishing.
They walked me through the process and I now hold in my hands a lovely book that I created.”


Let’s start with a professionally edited manuscript. Whether you are nearing the completion of your first draft or starting to put together the pieces of your puzzle, Webb Publishing will assist with the editing process.
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Designing books is fun! It can also feel very overwhelming if you haven’t done it before. Many years of experience have honed our book and cover design skills.
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Webb Publishing understands the process of publishing a book in Canada and will help you achieve your goal. We work with regional printers and talent, and understand Library of Canada standards.
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“Publication is a marathon, not a sprint. Writing the book is only the start.”

Jo Linsdell

About Us

Founded in 2003, Webb Publishing has assisted with the publication of over 150 independent projects, ranging from cookbooks and illustrated children’s books to memoirs, fiction and coffee table books.

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