Editing Options

The world of editing is more complex than just checking spelling and grammar. Webb Publishing seeks to assist authors in producing their best work possible. To this end, we prefer to charge an hourly rate and provide the level of editing required for each manuscript. A book that carries a Webb Publishing ISBN number must at least be proofread by our editing staff.

Substantive/structural editing: Clarifying or reorganizing the content and structure of a manuscript.
Stylistic editing: Clarifying meaning, eliminating jargon, and smoothing language.
Rewriting: Creating a new manuscript or part of a manuscript from information supplied by others.
Copy editing: Editing for grammar, spelling, and punctuation; checking for internal consistency of presentation and facts; marking of heading levels; notifying design and production staff of any unusual requirements.

Copy editing (proofreading, basic editing) finds grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Substantive editing looks for bigger problems: is there continuity in setting, plot and character? is the structure of the manuscript clear and concise? can the flow of the book be improved? We find that new authors tend to need a little support in the structure of their work, in addition to consistency in their usage of grammar.

You may have noted we used the word consistency. Webb Publishing prefers to be consistent rather than perfectionist in our editing, allowing for flexibility at an author’s request. If an author prefers a certain spelling or likes to massage a grammar rule, that is fine, as long as it is used consistently throughout the work.

The best way to estimate the value of editing work required for your manuscript is to send us one or two chapters. We will take a quick look and give you a rough idea of what needs to be done and how long it may take. All quotes are estimates only. Actual time spent will be billed to the client.

We accept MS Word files, PDFs, WordPerfect files, rich text files, printed manuscripts and handwritten notes! It is best to keep your documents as simple as possible – please do not put in extra spaces or use tabs to indent paragraphs or quotes. You will save time and money if you send a completely basic file to us as we must ‘strip’ your computer file of all of its formatting before we design the book’s layout.

Please take a look at our testimonials page. We are happy to connect you with one of our existing authors if you would like a more thorough reference.