The single biggest frustration facing independent authors is getting their books to the book-buying public. In the past, book publishers worked with book distributors to promote their company’s latest titles. Book distributors would create catalogues, send their sales reps to book stores and national head offices of retailers, and set up booths at book shows 2-4 times per year. Publishers liaised with distributors, ensuring the supply of product and invoicing was up to date. These were usually exclusive sales arrangements.

But with the arrival of thousands of self-published authors into the market, this process is becoming irrelevant. While some traditional distributors have incorporated self-published titles into their systems, the challenge of maintaining inventory at distributor warehouses and being responsible for refunds of unsold or damaged books, plus the 60% commission, is prohibitive to most independent authors. Plus, independent authors do not want to be restricted about who they can sell their books to. PLUS, distributors cannot possibly achieve volume sales of so many new and relatively unknown clients.

Webb Publishing seeks to support authors in getting their books to market. Read about marketing your book in the following section.

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